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With plenty of accessibility to downtown Knoxville, a plethora of shops and businesses to frequent, and close proximity to top-rated schools and universities, Bearden is a well-loved neighborhood among its residents. The area provides plenty of daily activities and also features an interesting history dating back to 1830. However, pests love the area as much as its residents do and may invade Bearden homes or businesses, causing serious problems.

Bearden pest control provided by our expert service technicians at Pest OPS is the best way to protect your home or business from the troubles that pest infestations bring. When you contact us, you benefit from tailored treatment plans, Integrated Pest Management tactics that ensure our pest control solutions are long-lasting, and knowledgeable service technicians that dedicate themselves to dealing with all of your pest problems.

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Residential Pest Control In Bearden

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Are you wondering about the best way to keep pests out of your Bearden residence? Look no further than the expert residential pest control methods provided by Pest OPS if you want to protect your home from the many health risks and dangers of pest infestation.

Our service technicians at Pest OPS work through a seven-step inspection and service plan with every home treatment in the Bearden area. Our extensive process allows us to target your specific pest issues and ensure that treatment solutions are long-lasting. Routine follow-up treatments ensure that pest issues stay away, and our friendly customer service guarantees that the pest control process for your home will be as stress-free as possible.

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Commercial Pest Control In Bearden

Your Bearden commercial property no doubt has plenty of customers, staff, and vital areas that you want to keep safe from the troubles that pests bring, not to mention the positive reputation that you want to maintain in the community. However, treating pests in your business can be complicated, and it’s not something that you should undertake alone. Instead, contact Pest OPS for all of your commercial pest control needs.

At Pest OPS, we’ve been servicing area businesses since 1995. We have extensive experience treating all types of pest issues, and our service technicians dedicate themselves to curating treatment plans that meet your property’s every pest control need. We also offer environmentally friendly products and a pest-free guarantee, so you know that your business is only getting the best pest control possible.

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Why You Should Get Rid Of Fleas In Bearden

Fleas may seem like nothing more than a tiny nuisance, but a large infestation of fleas on your Bearden property presents serious health risks and can be difficult to treat. One of the main reasons why you should get rid of fleas in Bearden the moment you notice them are the diseases that flea bites can spread. 

Fleas transfer illnesses such as plague, murine typhus, tapeworms, and cat-scratch fever to both humans and animals, and they can transfer heartworms to animals. Fleas that live on any pets in your home can also cause allergy issues or lead to anemia and even death if an infestation is untreated.

To ensure that fleas stay far away from your property and that you avoid the many negative consequences of infestation, contact Pest OPS. Our team can help eradicate all traces of fleas from your property. You can further support our expert flea removal methods by applying a veterinarian-approved flea medication to any animals on your property, decluttering and vacuuming often, and keeping an eye out for signs of invading fleas around interior areas.

Three Things You Can Do To Prevent Rodents In Bearden

Rodents running wild around your Bearden property is one of the worst things to experience, thanks to the unhygienic, destructive, and dangerous nature of these pests. Keeping rodents off of your property seems overwhelming, but you can follow these three expert prevention tips to get started.

  1. Seal up any potential rodent entry points, such as the cracks around windows, doors, the foundation of your property, and the roof, with a chew-proof material like steel wool to keep rodents outside.
  2. Store all leftover food properly, never leave out food or drink spills, use airtight containers in pantry areas, and always dispose of trash promptly in tightly sealed bags to prevent scavenging.
  3. Remove outdoor rodent harborage areas by cutting back long grasses, eliminating woodpiles or piles of debris, and trimming back overgrown trees and shrubs.

If you need assistance with rodent control and battling active infestations of this pest on your property, don’t hesitate to contact Pest OPS at the first signs of rodent invaders.

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