Seasonal Invader Identification & Prevention

Understanding Seasonal Invaders: Your Guide

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Unfortunately, pest season is every season, and there are unwanted invaders that you need to keep an eye out for year-round. Seasonal pest control for your home provided by Pest OPS can help you stay on top of these pest invaders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seasonal Invaders

What are seasonal invaders?

Seasonal pests live up to their name – they are a set of pest invaders that tend to infiltrate homes during certain seasons, bringing along with them the many annoying and potentially dangerous issues that pests possess. 

In the area, there are a few different types of seasonal pests that invade throughout the year, such as:

  • Spring invaders: Centipedes, millipedes, beetles
  • Late summer invaders: Flies
  • Fall invaders: Stink bugs, box elder bugs, ladybugs

Typically, these seasonal invaders enter human structures in search of favorable weather conditions, food, moisture, and safe shelter. Proper pest prevention and ongoing pest control maintenance can help you ensure that these pests don’t succeed in infiltrating your homes at any point in the year.

Are seasonal invaders dangerous?

Most of the time, season invaders are fairly harmless and cause more of a nuisance than anything. However, certain pest invaders like flies can introduce bacteria and pathogens to your property, leading to the risk of an increase in illness. Many other seasonal invaders, such as stink bugs, box elder bugs, and ladybugs, can leave behind property damage due to their droppings and the unpleasant odors they sometimes let off.

You should also note that some species of centipedes and millipedes can trigger allergic reactions or leave behind painful bites when encountered. Professional pest control is a necessity if you want to avoid all of these potentially dangerous issues.

Why do I have a problem with seasonal invaders?

If you’re noticing that seasonal invaders seem to be gathering on your property throughout the year, you likely have items on your property that attract these pests. Easy access into your home through cracks and gaps, lots of improperly stored food and trash, secluded hiding areas, both indoors and out, and moisture issues can all create hospitable locations for these pests.

Where will I find seasonal invaders?

In exterior areas, seasonal invaders tend to hide around piles of debris, such as piles of leaves, branches, and woodpiles, or near secluded and moist areas like the undersides of patios and decks or near garages. Once they invade, you can find seasonal invaders in basements, garages, crawl spaces, attics, the backs of cupboards, or anywhere near food storage areas.

How do I get rid of seasonal invaders?

Get rid of seasonal invaders by contacting Pest OPS at the first signs of a problem. Our team will inspect your property for active pest issues and conditions that lead to future problems so that we can tailor residential or commercial pest control solutions to your every need. With our help and ongoing maintenance plans, we can keep seasonal invaders at bay every season.

How can I prevent seasonal invaders in the future?

Prevent seasonal invaders from moving onto your property by following our expert tips below.

  • Seal potential entry points such as the cracks around windows, doors, foundation, and utility areas. 
  • Use window and door screens, weather stripping, and mesh screens around attic and crawl spaces vents to keep all pests out of interior areas.
  • Remove outdoor pest harborage areas such as piles of leaves, branches, woodpiles, long grasses, or overgrown foliage.
  • Fix moisture issues that lead to damp or humid areas inside and out, as these areas often attract seasonal invaders.

For more information about seasonal invader prevention or assistance with control, contact Pest OPS today.

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