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Mice, rats, and other rodents can wreak havoc on your home. They get into your food, build nests in your walls, and keep you up all night. More alarmingly, rodents and their feces can spread serious diseases, ranging from rabies to the deadly hantavirus. If you suspect you have a mouse or rat living in your home, call Pest-Ops, LLC right away. Our rodent specialists in Knoxville will be there in a flash. We provide superior rodent removal, and we can help you prevent them from coming back. All of our technicians are thoroughly trained and certified or registered with the state of Tennessee. When you need fast, reliable rodent control, call us.

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Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Mice are very small, and they can easily sneak into your home through impossibly small crevices, holes, and cracks. Once they are in, they can do considerable damage to your home. It is worth knowing the signs of a mouse in the house. The sooner you can have a rodent removed, the better. Rodents reproduce quickly, and the sooner they are removed, the less likely you are to have an infestation.

Signs of a mouse or rat in your home include:

  • The sound of scratching or scurrying behind your walls
  • A rodent racetrack, or greasy streaks along walls or baseboards
  • Gnaw marks on baseboards, walls, and furniture
  • Gnaw marks on food containers
  • Rodent droppings around the house
  • Pets that are particularly interested in a strange spot, such as a corner of the room
  • Seeing a mouse or rat in your home

Rodents are often found in quiet, undisturbed parts of your home. This is where they prefer to build their nests. Rodent nests are commonly found in attics, crawlspaces, basements, and the inside of your walls. They have also been known to nest inside of electrical boxes, which is particularly dangerous and can lead to an electrical fire. If you see signs of a rodent, or of a nest, call Pest-Ops, LLC ASAP.

Removing Rodents from Your Knoxville Home

Catching and removing rodents from your home can be tricky. It takes a professional who understands the difference between various rodent behaviors. For example, did you know that mice are more curious than rats? At Pest-Ops, LLC, we have decades of experience removing rats from homes and offices. We know how to effectively trap and remove rodents from your home for good.

While you may be able to trap a mouse or rat with a store-bought trap, this does not address how or why the rodents are coming into your home. Most rats and mice come into homes for a couple of reasons. They are looking for food, warmth, or water.

Preventative measures against rodents include:

  • Keep food containers sealed and put away
  • Clear dirty dishes and do not leave leftover food or food waste lying out
  • Keep garbage can areas clean, and garbage cans closed
  • Bag all garbage, and keep outdoor garbage areas clean and free of debris
  • Make sure all doors and windows are appropriately sealed and screened
  • Trim low-hanging branches and plants that allow rodents access to your roof
  • Make sure all connections and access points for plumbing, electric, and HVAC systems are sealed

When you hire Pest-Ops, LLC to help with your rodent problem, we will do more than just trap and remove any existing rodents. We will help you solve your rodent problem for good. Our Knoxville rodent and mice removal specialists will inspect your entire property, and identify how the rodents are getting in, and help you seal up any entrance points.

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Since 1995, Pest-Ops, LLC has brought Knoxville the best in pest control services. We believe our customers deserve the best, and so we only hire the best pest control technicians in town. As a company, we are always professional, show up on time, and stand behind our work. We are passionate about helping our customers keep their homes rodent-free. When we say we are going to do something, we do it, without fail. At Pest-Ops, LLC, we are driven, dedicated, and trustworthy. All of our pest control treatments are safe and environmentally friendly.

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