What To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termites In Your Knoxville Home

termites crawling in a wall

In Tennessee, knowing reputable and professional pest control in Knoxville is the best way to handle the discovery of termites in your home. While termites are found worldwide, the state of Tennessee is a popular attractive destination for large colonies of termites. Not that we can blame them since Tennessee is known for its cuisine, music scene, and unique place in history. However, those aren’t the reasons termites are attracted to Tennessee.

Termites in Knoxville must be dealt with safely, causing as little harm as possible. After all, termites do play a role in nature’s ecosystem. The wisest thing to do when you encounter signs of termites in your home is to contact Pest OPS for solutions that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Clear Signs Of A Termite Infestation In Your Home

The clearest sign of a termite infestation is to witness a “swarm” around or on your property. Termites in Tennessee are categorized as subterranean termites. Their society operates on three levels: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Swarmers are termites that seek out new mates to begin new colonies.

Outside of seeing swarmers, other signs of a termite infestation in your Knoxville home include:

  • Termite droppings or discarded wings
  • Mold or mildew scent
  • Stuck windows or doors
  • Pinpoint holes in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Hollow-sounding wood

A regular inspection of the wood surrounding your home can help identify the presence of termites. As termites chew through wood and break it down, they carve maze-like patterns as they go. This is how the wood in your home can begin to sound hollow when knocked. Even if you’re unsure of your suspicions, the best choice is to call a friendly Knoxville termite control company near you to inspect your home for certainty.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Your Home

Since a termite can break down cellulose in decaying or damp wood, termite damage can look similar to water damage in your home. However, termites spread out and chew through all wooden structures in and around your property. Signs of termite damage include buckling wood, swollen floors and ceilings, and maze-like patterns in wood furnishings.

Termites have also been known to chew through plaster or metal to get to a wooden source. Once inside your home, termites will feed on your cabinets, furnishings, and more. The easiest way to confront termites is to contact a professional pest control company that practices safe measures for everyone involved to remain healthy and happy.

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites

At Pest OPS, we know that guarding your home against termites is essential. For over 25 years, we have extended eco-friendly solutions to residential and commercial properties located in eastern Tennessee. Our team is uniquely adept at providing knowledgeable insights into your problem with the help of an entomologist to bring creative solutions to remove termites from your Knoxville home. Trust us to handle the problem for you to bring back relief and peace of mind.

Effective Tips To Prevent Future Termite Problems

Termites are invasive pests that cause a lot of damage to weaken the integrity of your home’s structure. To help you prevent termite problems, we have compiled a quick list of our most helpful termite prevention tips.

  • Ensure your yard has proper drainage and that gutters and downspouts are directing water away from the outside of your home.
  • Replace wood mulch with crushed rock or a non-organic option like rubber mulch. 
  • Repair any tiny cracks or crevices in your foundation.
  • Eliminate as much wood-to-soil contact on your property as possible. 
  • Remove water-damaged wood from your yard or home.
  • Immediately make repairs to leaky pipes and fixtures.
  • Make sure kitchens and bathrooms are well-ventilated. 

Pest OPS provides free home inspections for guaranteed confirmation of pests inside your Knoxville home. Find out more about termite control and our residential and commercial pest control services in Knoxville we offer by contacting us today!