What To Do About Stink Bugs Around Your Knoxville Home

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There’s no question about what to expect when you come across an insect called a stink bug. Although these insects are harmless, no homeowner wants to risk stepping on or squishing one of these critters only to pollute their peaceful environment with that horrific smell they emit.

Fortunately, Pest Ops provides the most effective pest control in Knoxville to get rid of stink bugs quickly, restoring comfort and peace in your home. Our highly skilled technicians go the extra mile to ensure that we get the job done right the first time.

Continue reading to learn more about these peculiar insects and why partnering with professionals will provide you with the ultimate stink bug control to keep them away for good.

How To Identify A Stink Bug

Stink bugs can be easily identified by their shape, which resembles a shield. In fact, they’re often referred to as “shield bugs.” These insects are grayish-brown or dark green in color with a three-segmented body, topped by copper or metallic-blue patches on their heads. They consume food using their sucking mouth parts. They also have six legs, straight antennae, and two pairs of wings. Stink bugs are strong fliers, often flying for miles if necessary.

If you’re having an issue with these insects around your home, contact qualified pest specialists who understand how to get rid of all types of stink bugs in Knoxville.

Why You Don't Want Stink Bugs Hanging Around Your Home

Once stink bugs have made their way into your home, they can go unnoticed for a long time until you step on one and take a whiff of that pungent odor they release. The longer they live inside your home undetected, the bigger their population grows, making them a challenge to eliminate. Although these nuisance pests don't cause physical harm or spread disease, they can stain a variety of items, like your clothing, upholstery, curtains, and other fabrics. Using their pheromones like GPS, they can carefully guide other stink bugs to your residence, expanding the infestation.

For help eradicating stink bugs in Knoxville, contact Pest Ops so we can conduct a complete inspection of your property.

Factors That Attract Stink Bugs To Your Home

If you’re looking for the best way to control stink bugs around your home, you must figure out what’s attracting them in the first place. Check out several factors below that could be the culprits luring these smelly insects right to your doorstep:

  • Light and heat reflective surfaces, such as concrete, windows, and bright exterior lights.
  • Shelter, especially during the winter months.
  • Other stink bugs releasing pheromones to attract more insects.
  • Shrubs, orchards, large gardens, and trees.

Reach out to your local home pest control company for a complete property inspection along with proper stink bug nest removal in Knoxville.

The Best Way To Eliminate A Stink Bug Infestation

if you're dealing with a stink bug problem, you don't have to put up with living in an unpleasant-smelling environment when professional pest specialists are just a phone call or e-mail message away. In fact, seeking out the services of experts is the number one way to completely eliminate your stink bug problem. Experienced technicians possess the right tools of the trade, knowledge, and background to clear pest infestations in no time.

Since 1995, Pest Ops has committed ourselves to keeping the homes and businesses of Knoxville residents free of pest problems. We don't cut corners or rush any service. Our mission is to restore the safety and serenity back to your living and working spaces. Our integrated approach to pest management, including the use of green products and environmentally-friendly practices, means that the health of you and your family is always priority number one to us. Get in touch with us today to request your courtesy inspection.

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