How Do I Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs Around My Knoxville Home?

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You may not know them by name, but if they're around your property or inside your home, you’ve probably smelled them. Related to the elm seed bug and stink bug, boxelder bugs release a stinky odor from their scent glands when they're frightened, smashed, or crushed.

Thankfully, Pest Ops delivers the most effective pest control in Knoxville to eliminate boxelder bugs from your property fast. Read further to learn more about these smelly nuisance insects and why partnering with professional pest experts can keep them away from your residence.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

Next time you notice what looks like a stink bug, it could actually be a boxelder bug. Both insects are in the same family and can release a smelly odor when squished, crushed, or smooshed. They’re black in color except for the bright orange-red outline around their wings and thorax. Due to their distinctive color combo, these insects are also known as “Halloween bugs.” They can be described as having a flat, oval shape with an elongated structure about 1/2 inch in length. They have six legs and two antennae. Wondering how they got their name? It derives from the type of tree they feed on the most.

If you require assistance getting the boxelder bugs in your Knoxville house out for good, give Pest Ops a call to schedule a property inspection.

Are Boxelder Bugs Dangerous?

Good news! You don't have to worry about avoiding boxelder bug bites. These insects don't carry or transmit disease and are not known to sting or bite. However, on rare occasions, boxelder bugs will bite defensively if they feel threatened or in danger. They’re simply nuisance pests that can emit a strong, offensive odor when crushed or smashed. Their feces can stain fabrics, upholstery, or light-colored surfaces. They also prefer to stay outdoors until the weather gets cold.

Once winter arrives, you may see large clusters of these bugs inside your home. They can gain access through dryer vents, doors, windows, and tiny breaches in your siding. Consider filling any openings, cracks, or crevices you see with caulk, as well as install weather stripping and screens to keep them out.

What Are Boxelder Bugs Attracted To?

Boxelder bugs prefer warmer temperatures. They appear once the cold weather months are over and spring is in full bloom. If you have an assortment of fruit trees on your property, don't be surprised if you see many of these bugs hanging around. And once these insects are in your yard, it's easy for them to find a breach or any entry point they can use to gain access into your home. Boxelder bugs can congregate in large numbers, which can make getting rid of them a massive headache. Check out the types of trees below that these bugs gravitate towards: 

  • Plum trees
  • Maple trees
  • Cherry trees
  • Apple trees
  • Ash trees
  • Boxelder trees

If cutting down your beautiful trees isn't an option for you to rid your property of these nuisance pests, then get in touch with qualified pest specialists for the most effective boxelder bug control.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs?

Whether they're adult or baby boxelder bugs on your property, no homeowner wants to deal with these smelly nuisance pests. It can be frustrating trying to figure out the best way to remove these insects from your house without triggering that awful odor. Getting rid of boxelder bugs is as simple as contacting professional pest specialists who have the background, knowledge, and latest resources to do so.

For over 27 years, Pest Ops has staked our reputation on delivering the most exceptional pest management solutions to keep our residents’ homes and businesses free of pest problems. Our expertly trained team works with you closely to determine the strategy that suits you and your family the best. We leave no unanswered questions on the table. We provide the best removal of boxelder bugs in Knoxville. Reach out to us today to request your courtesy inspection on home pest control.

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