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Birds may be pleasant to observe in their natural habitats, but when they begin to infest homes and businesses, it can cause serious problems. They can damage your property, contaminate food and water sources, and even spread diseases.

At Pest Ops, our highly skilled experts provide comprehensive bird control services in Knoxville tailored to your unique needs. Whether dealing with a small flock of birds or a large-scale infestation, we have the tools and expertise necessary to get the job done quickly and effectively. Contact us today to get started protecting your property from pesky birds.

Nuisance Birds

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Knoxville is home to two particularly troublesome species of pest birds — pigeons and European starlings. Both of these birds are common in urban areas and can cause significant damage to buildings and properties.

Pigeons are well known for their tendency to roost on structures, which can lead to the accumulation of droppings that not only create an unsanitary environment but promote the growth of dangerous fungal spores. In addition, pigeons are known carriers of diseases, including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis, making them a serious health threat.

European starlings are also common pests in Knoxville. Like pigeons, they can cause significant damage to buildings through their tendency to roost on structures, where they leave behind large quantities of droppings that corrode metal and stucco. They are also known to damage crops and feed on livestock, making them a nuisance in both residential and agricultural settings.


Protect Your Business From Property Damage & Health Concerns

Pigeons and European Starlings are common sights in urban areas across America, East Tennessee, and in Knoxville. Their droppings can stain building surfaces and damage paint on cars. These birds can also transmit diseases to humans through airborne fungi in their droppings. Pest Ops’s Knoxville bird control programs can help you permanently guard against these costly dangers, protecting your employees, clients, and guests from harm. As a local, family owned and operated company, we understand the importance of protecting your business’ reputation. This is why we will promptly dispatch a licensed or certified pest control specialist who will provide service we guarantee you’ll be pleased with.

Our Process

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Our team will inspect your property to determine the extent of the bird infestation and identify potential entry points, roosting areas, and other problem areas..


We’ll develop a customized treatment plan that uses a variety of environmentally friendly bird control methods to effectively eliminate birds from your property. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure we address your needs and concerns.


To prevent birds from returning to your property, we’ll implement exclusion barriers, such as netting and spikes, to prevent them from accessing your property in the future. By taking a proactive approach to bird control solutions for your Knoxville property, we help you protect it for years to come.

Why Bird Control Is Important

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The droppings of pigeons contain a fungus which produces an acidic secretion that will deface and slowly deteriorate surfaces such as the side of buildings, ledges, and sidewalks. The longer an infestation is in place, the more difficult it is to remove droppings and the more expensive it is to restore the corroded surfaces.

Pigeons are also associated with many diseases in humans and domestic animals.

The following diseases have been linked to pigeons and can cause death:
St. Louis Encephalitis
A list of more than fifty non-lethal diseases, ranging in effects from respiratory problems to food poisoning and severe headaches, have been found and verified in typical pigeon populations.

Pigeons are also carriers of many biting insects, including bed bugs, fleas, mites, ticks, and lice.



What diseases can birds in Knoxville spread?
Birds, especially pigeons and European starlings, are known to carry a number of diseases that pose a serious health threat to humans, including ornithosis, cryptococcosis, and salmonellosis. These diseases can be serious and even life-threatening in some cases, so it’s important to take steps to eliminate birds from your property when they invade in large numbers.
Why are birds such a problem in cities like Knoxville?
Birds thrive in urban environments, where there is plenty of food available and few predators. In addition, buildings often provide ideal roosting areas for large flocks, which can quickly become a nuisance by leaving behind unsightly droppings and damaging structures with their sharp beaks.
What steps can I take to prevent birds from becoming a nuisance on my property?
There are several things you can do right away to help prevent birds from becoming a nuisance on your property. First, make sure that all garbage cans, pet food bowls, and other potential food sources are kept indoors or covered. Second, remove obvious nesting sites like dead trees, ivy, and dense shrubbery. Finally, you can try using predator decoys or other deterrents to help discourage birds from coming onto your property.

Pigeon Control Methods

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Various methods are used to destabilize the East Tennessee and Knoxville pigeon population, such as repellents, mechanical devices, and non-lethal chemical treatments.

As pigeon populations are different in size and roost preferences throughout the area, any or all methods may be used in a particular case. The important part of a bird control and pigeon management program is a continuous follow-up service to prevent new infestations. Complete cleanup of the roosting area is also advised after the initial population is removed. Our experienced professionals can protect your property, your employees, and the public from Knoxville bird control problems.

Bird Control Solutions

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Since 1995, Pest Ops has been serving the Knoxville area with a commitment to providing safe, high quality solutions that help keep homes and businesses pest free. We understand the unique challenges that birds can pose and offer a variety of effective solutions that eliminate these pests while protecting your property from future invasions.

We’re a local, family-owned business, and we always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the results of our pest control services. Whether you’re dealing with a large flock of birds or have spotted just a few nuisance species on your property, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our pest bird removal services or to schedule a free inspection.

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