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Keeping bees and wasps away from your home or business is vital to pest control in Knoxville. These stinging insects can be quite aggressive when defending their nests and may even pose a mortal threat to certain individuals. The good news is we have your back here at Pest Ops. Learn more about our other services, or fill out a form to receive a free inspection!

The problem

Bees and Wasps Cause

Most of the problems caused by bees and wasps have to do with their stings. The venom in a single sting is not all that potent, but some species, such as yellow jackets, will give chase and sting, sometimes over and over again. High doses of venom become dangerous. Insect venom also has the potential to trigger deadly anaphylactic reactions in those who are allergic.

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As soon as summertime approaches, there’s nothing better than spending quality time outdoors with your friends and family. However, one thing that can quickly ruin this outdoor enjoyment is stumbling across a beehive or wasp nest. A sting from one of these insects can be dangerous, especially if you or a loved one is allergic. However, bees and wasps not only pose a threat to you, they also can significantly damage your property. One of the major local pest problems we encounter in Tennessee is property damage due to carpenter bees and wasps. These stinging insects are attracted to exposed wood and search for favorable places on your property to safely build nests. For your safety, it’s important that you don’t try to remove these nests yourself. Instead, let our licensed and certified Knoxville bee and wasp control specialists at Pest Ops handle it for you.

Our Process

Bee & Wasp Control



When we come out to inspect your property, we follow a seven-step inspection process that encompasses your entire property to look for existing issues and conducive conditions that could attract future infestations. 

Our techs will look at structural attachments on your property, such as porches, decks, and overhangs. We will check out your doors and windows, which often provide hanging shelter for aerial bees and wasps. We’ll also check your eaves and gutters and even your plumbing, HVAC, and crawl space, which can all provide shelter for stinging insects. 


Once we complete our inspection, we will better understand where existing problems are and what conditions on your property could attract future infestations. This assessment allows us to tailor a plan that fits your needs and budget. This plan will eliminate existing problems and help you eliminate any conducive conditions that we found that could lead to future issues.



Our exclusion process is a quarterly treatment program that allows us to visit your property once every three months to keep stinging insects at bay. Our plans are effective and affordable, and our number one goal is always your satisfaction. So let us protect you and your family from painful and potentially dangerous stings.

Identify Carpenter Bees

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It’s not uncommon for people to mistake carpenter bees for bumblebees because they’re roughly the same size and are black with yellow markings. However, there’s an easy way to differentiate the two. A carpenter bee’s abdomen is shiny and black while a bumblebee’s abdomen is fuzzy and covered in hairs.

Why Carpenter Bees Damage Property

As soon as the temperature begins to warm up, carpenter bees mate and the females begin to search for a site to lay their eggs. When they find a suitable site to nest, they bore into wood, chewing with their mandibles to create a round half inch hole.

Typical nesting sites include:
• Trim around windows or doors
• Fascia boards behind gutters
• Wood siding
• Deck railings
• Underside of decks

How to Tell You Have a Carpenter Bee Infestation

Typically, the first sign that you have an infestation is seeing the bees flying around your property. However, another way to tell is seeing piles of sawdust below where they drilled to form nests.

Eliminating Bees & Wasps

WHY IT’S important

At Pest Ops, we first begin by eliminating the active insects that are affecting the house. This typically involves treating the holes and areas adjacent to the holes to prevent reinfestation. Next, our Knoxville bee and wasp control specialists will safely remove any nests on the exterior of your property.

To help prevent new infestations, we recommend that you patch and paint over the old holes about a week after treatment. Frequently staining or painting exterior wood also helps make it less susceptible to new infestations.



Are bees and wasps dangerous?

Bees and wasps can definitely be dangerous. Social wasps, like hornets, yellow jackets, and certain types of bees, will chase anything they perceive as a threat, stinging as many times as possible.

Bees and wasps can also trigger anaphylaxis in those allergic to their venom. Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that can kill within minutes if left untreated.

What attracts bees and wasps to my property?

Bees and wasps are attracted to food, water, and convenient shelter. If you have a lot of overhangs or holes in the ground, aerial and ground-nesting wasps will set up shop in them. Likewise, if you have lots of flowers and fruits on your property, these can be big bee and wasp attractants.

For the best bee and wasp prevention; you should take the following measures:

  • Remove flowers that provide food for these insects.
  • Harvest fruits from trees immediately after they fall.
  • Keep outdoor garbage cans tightly covered.
  • Never leave sweet drinks or foods of any kind sitting out.
  • Fill holes in the ground to prevent ground-nesting wasps from setting up shop.

Taking these measures can make your property less attractive to all sorts of stinging insects, encouraging them to move on.

Can I get rid of stinging insects on my own?
You should always avoid doing your own wasp and bee control. Only experts should perform bee and wasp removal. If you don’t have the proper training and equipment, including safety clothing, trying to get rid of bee or wasp nests on your own can trigger an aggressive attack that can get you stung dozens of times. The only way to ensure you avoid being stung when trying to remove wasp or bee nests is to hire professional experts like those here at Pest Ops!

Protect Your Property

Keep Stinging Insects Away

As a local and family owned and operated company, Pest Ops has a thorough understanding of pests common in the Knoxville area. When we arrive at your property, we will perform a detailed inspection, identifying the affected areas. From there, we will determine the best approach, always resorting to environmentally friendly treatment options that are safe for both you and your pets.

If you have an infestation of bees or wasps, do not try to deal with them alone under any circumstance. Saving a few dollars using store-bought products to eliminate bees or wasps is not worth triggering an attack or suffering multiple stings. So for safe and effective bee and wasp control in Knoxville, give us a call here at Pest Ops. Our experts know how to eliminate bee and wasp nests, so you don’t have to!

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