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Bed Bug Control in Knoxville, TN

Controlling Bed Bugs 

The Pest ops way

Although they were once nearly eradicated, bed bugs are making a sudden reappearance around Knoxville homes and businesses. Large infestations can be incredibly damaging to homes and residential environments and doubly so for local businesses.

In today’s litigious environment, and with the media covering every outbreak, the burden falls on property owners and business managers to establish a holistic bed bug management program. Pest Ops understands this concern completely, providing professional inspections, treatment, and educational programs that ensure the protection of your building. Contact us today to get a free bed bug inspection at your home or business. 

Knoxville Bed Bug Control

Methods of PEST OPS

Pest Ops has served the Knoxville community with a holistic approach to bed bug management since 1995. Thanks to our professional affiliations and board-certified staff entomologist, our experts have developed and refined a comprehensive program that combines inspections with an aggressive service strategy.

Although no program can guarantee the non-exposure of bed bug activity, bed bug services from Pest Ops will protect, treat, and defend your property against the risks resulting from infestations.

Bed Bug Control Program

Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Our current bed bug control program includes a proactive inspection service that carefully investigates your building at least twice a year. We’d be happy to perform a targeted inspection if you believe there is already an established infestation. Targeted inspections are extremely thorough and focus on all areas of a room where bed bugs are most likely to be found. Unlike proactive inspections, these are reactive and scheduled on an as-needed basis.

While we cannot prevent bed bugs from being introduced to your property, we can work to stop severe infestations and take proactive measures in advance. To continuously protect your property before the appearance of a bed bug infestation, we provide mattress and box spring protective covers that can prevent bed bug establishment without the use of traditional products.

If we find bed bug activity during our inspection, we will jump into action with two treatment options:

  1. Bed bug traditional treatments: Our professionals will treat areas including (but not limited to) box springs, upholstered furniture, electrical outlets and switch plates, baseboards, carpet undersides, wall coverings, and wall voids. Every service comes with an initial treatment, a follow-up treatment between 14-21 days after the initial service.
  2. Bed bug heat treatments: Thermal remediation is the most effective and green way to eliminate bed bugs. Heat treatments raise the temperature in your property to 132 degrees Fahrenheit, making it difficult for bed bugs to survive. Our chemical-free bed bug heat treatments are typically completed within one day and come with a 30-day warranty.
  3. Preventative service: 90 day warranty. Pest Ops is certified to use Aprehend to treat environments with challenging conditions, such as hoarding, or medical necessity that a resident cannot be out for a delayed timeframe. This Aprehend service is proven to eliminate bed bugs in 3-10 days of contact, and is viable for 90 days.

You’re welcome to learn more about bed bug prevention, traditional treatments, and thermal remediation by calling the team at Pest Ops today.

Helping our community

Knoxville Bed Bug Control

A popular phrase to say when saying goodnight to someone is “don’t let the bed bugs bite.” However, this rhyming phrase is pretty great advice. Although they were once eradicated, bed bugs have recently made a reappearance and infestations can be incredibly damaging, especially to businesses. This is because of a common myth that bed bugs are attracted to filthy, unhygienic places. Luckily, that myth is not true at all. Instead, bed bugs, like many pests, are attracted to any property where they can obtain an easy meal.

At Pest Ops, our Knoxville bed bug control experts have been serving the community since 1995. Due to our numerous professional affiliations and the fact that we have a board-certified entomologist on staff, we’ve been able to develop a comprehensive program that combines inspections and an aggressive service strategy when infestations are discovered.

Our Process

Bed Bug Control



We provide an initial inspection to make recommendations of which service might be the best fit to resolve your bed bug activity


We offer heat treatments and traditional treatments that stop bed bugs in their tracks. The method of choice is entirely up to you and the severity of the infestation.



We apply additional measures such as, mattress covers, climb ups, or Aprehend barriers to prevent future access and infestation from bed bugs.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

WHY IT’S important

In today’s litigious environment, and with the media covering every outbreak, the burden falls on property managers and commercial business owners to have a proactive bed bug management program in place. At Pest Ops we provide professional inspections, treatment, educational programs, and ongoing partnerships with your staff to ensure your facility is prepared to avoid or even handle a severe bed bug outbreak. This helps protect your brand and demonstrates to both local and state agencies that your commercial property is actively working to mitigate the risk associate with bed bugs.



What kind of bed bug treatments do you offer?

Pest Ops believes that every property owner should have the opportunity to choose a preferred bed bug treatment. That’s why we provide heat, chemical, and preventative services that address infestations at any stage. Give us a call today to discuss these options in detail.

Do you provide a bed bug guarantee?

Heat treatments from Pest Ops come with a 30-day warranty to ensure lasting protection. If bed bugs return after completing our work, we will return to make things right. It’s just the Pest Ops guarantee!

How much does bed bug treatment cost?

Because bed bug treatments vary, it is impossible to provide a generalized quote for individual services. The team at Pest Ops will be happy to provide you with personalized estimates for unique treatments and approaches. Simply complete our online contact form to get connected with an experienced representative.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Control

It’s important to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation so you can call a pest control expert like Pest Ops as soon as possible. Here are some of the telltale signs of a bed bug problem:

    • Waking up itchy
    • Dark spots (blood stains) on your sheets and pillowcases
    • Musty stench
    • Shed skins, egg shells and fecal spots
    • Rusty colored spots on bedsheets and mattresses

    If you’ve noticed any or multiple of these signs, immediately strip all of your bedding. Check the areas around your bed including clothes hanging in a closet. Finally, be sure to contact the bed bug removal experts at Pest Ops.


    hELP PROTECT YOUR property 

    Although no program can guarantee bed bugs will not be introduced to your property, our Knoxville bed bug services help to protect your property from the serious risk inherent to bed bug infestations.

    Our program includes:

    • Proactive bed bug inspection service: This ensures that an experienced, well trained set of eyes carefully investigates each room at least twice a year for signs of bed bug activity.
    • Preventative treatments: While we cannot prevent bed bugs from being introduced to your property, we can help to prevent severe infestations and take proactive measures to keep bed bugs from crawling to other areas or rooms.
    • Targeted bed bug inspections: Targeted inspections are extremely thorough and focus on all areas of a room where bed bugs are most likely to be found. These inspections are reactive and scheduled on an a-needed basis.
    • Bed bug treatments: Successful control of bed bugs is dependent on an extremely thorough inspection and/or treatment of areas including but not limited to box spring(s), upholstered furniture, behind electrical outlets and switch plates, behind baseboards, under carpet, behind wall coverings, inside walls, and every other area that could be a potential harborage of bed bugs.
    • Bed bug heat treatments: Thermal remediation is the most effective and green way to eliminate bed bugs. Because they tend to hide in hard to reach areas that are not out in the open, heat treatments raise the temperature in your property to between 117- and 122-degrees Fahrenheit. The heat makes it difficult for bed bugs to survive. It’s important to note that this is a chemical-free treatment option.
    • Mattress and box spring protective covers: Mattresses and box springs are some of the most likely places to become infested and they can also be difficult to treat effectively. Rather than treating your bedding with pesticides, we recommend using protective covers that help protect you and prevent bed bugs from becoming established in within your mattress and/or box spring.

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