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Green Pest Solutions In Knoxville, TN

Environmentally-Friendly Pest Prevention

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Our burning desire is to protect people from pests. We also have a desire and obligation to protect the environment around us as well.

Since 1995 we have tested every natural insecticide we find. From the obvious products like Boric Acid and Diatomaceous Earth to essential plant oils and pheromones. We have also studied and mastered a variety of mechanical or physical barriers, including caulk, sealants, door sweeps, weather stripping, screens, mesh, and cloths that exclude insects and rodents.

Green Pest Control Solutions

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a term that originated in agricultural pest control and has been carried out and applied to structural pest management. At the basic level, the term Integrated Pest Management means including non-pesticide products and techniques in a service plan that reduces the need for standard pesticides. We at Pest Ops have improved and honed our service to not only reduce pesticides but also make the service as a whole more effective.

When you begin your service with us, our employees will consult with you and find your needs. Then we will prescribe a home pest control program that best meets your individual situation to protect you and your family from pests, protect your breathing health, and minimize the impact on the environment in which we all live.